Nowadays, every business gets his success by his filial online. To be visible in the world, you have to build an attract website. After that, you have to manage all applications and model inside. But the most important is to choose the best hosting server.

How to make your website available?

This is not a simple thing, because website must in a strict supervisor to be in his best form. The website is exposed on the plans hackers. The famous one is DDoS. This threat works in a clever way, and the only solution to protect your website is to get so much power about all technical option of your server. You have to be careful about how your hosting works to protect your private identity. The low is so clear with some guard line inside. The society asks your consent before taking your personal information, in the other size, you must know about what kind of server they are and is it in his best protection. That is why gives you his plan to protect your data in a strict place. KoDDoS gives you the opportunity to have your server on three datacenters in the world. The Hong Kong place will be the best place for an e-commerce website, and how about Netherlands or New-York.

Make your decision

You really have to understand that this part of website savior is important. With KoDDoS, there will be having no question about your personal identify because they don’t ask you about this. They just need an email address valid and your number phone. When you buy a pack KoDDoS online, you will have a code on your professional address that makes you on your dashboard. But you have to get also a personal password in a secret conversation. This offshore hosts gives you one IP address on one website, many address mails for all the staff of the company, a code FTP panel accessible easily, a big data to stock your information, and the accessibility on the world with the possibility to make a quick discussion into the clients.

You manage your leads as in his best condition, you satisfy your client with a speed service and available on 24/7. In that case, all kind of virus or hacker plans couldn’t get you.