Do you have an online site? What security measures do you have to protect your site online? Did you first choose a good server? Let's take into account here that a good server is a personal server, that is to say a dedicated server. But it is also an offshore remote server that is offered to you at an extremely reasonable cost. This is one of our offers in Koddos. We offer high quality dedicated and offshore servers. So, do not hesitate to discover our offers. But beyond that, we offer you a protection service for your servers. Have you ever thought about it? Is your server secure?

The best protection of your server is the protection against ddos ​​koddos

To really secure a server nowadays, you must first guarantee you to choose one offshore and dedicated. If this choice is made, you must think of a protection against ddos. You know, it's this protection that warns you of anti-ddos attacks. These attacks are ceaseless queries launched on your server in order to make any other activity impossible. In other words, your customers or prospects will no longer be able to access your site at the time of the attack in question. It's hard enough for you, especially if part of your income depends on your website. This is what is more and more the case today. So you have to secure your server, against this type of attack.

To effectively secure your server nowadays, you must trust the koddos team, our team. Koddos Anti DDOS ​​protection is the best on the market today. We rely on our experience, and especially on our expertise to offer you a high quality anti ddos ​​solution. As much to say to you that it is worth the cost. You will find more details on this subject on our website.