PHP is an Open Source scripting language, mainly dedicated to web development (hence its name: Hypertext Preprocessor). It is one of the most widely used languages in the world for creating dynamic websites. A php company is moving towards the world of the internet because the server programming language is the basis of all IT projects. Several companies have followed the evolution of this technology over the years.

The challenges of php programming

Computer systems are becoming more complex. This complexity has increased exponentially with a factor of ten every ten years, this for more than forty years. Apart from any academic or industrial considerations, the fact that the development of a software starts with a well-defined specification and the code is written from scratch is no longer true. In the real world of programming, continuous change and evolution is the norm. Instead of producing software for a given problem, the real goal now in software engineering is to produce scalable software families, either in one or the other dimension, or both. These two dimensions are time (successive versions) and space (variants of a product). Depending on the context, consideration of time to market, cost and quality will come into play in the technique chosen to implement the evolution of this software.

Mastery of software development is a key technology for a country's innovation and economic performance. Since its creation, computer science has not stopped evolving and revolutionizing, both in the field of hardware and software paradigms. This permanent revolution has enabled IT to drive progress and innovation in all areas of human activity. The subject of Computer Science study is an object in motion, which raises new challenges with each revolution, and challenges solutions to the challenges of the past. These challenges require advances both fundamentally and in the implementation of research results.

Robust, fast, secure, and open source, PHP is a standard programming language for the web. Powerful graphical interface, powerful marketing, SEO work, optimized content ... a website is basically a tool created with a computer language.