Finding and retaining a php programmer can be a real obstacle course for some companies. Not for us! Indeed, we have a strict hiring process for our future PHP developers in Eastern Europe. In addition to the theoretical tests to which they are subjected, the talent must be able to demonstrate a solid experience of practical development on PHP.

The added value of software developers

Computer programmers or software developers design, install, test, and maintain software systems. But more importantly, their work can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your business and improve your overall IT. Depending on your needs, software developers will either go from standard software to modify and integrate into your IT systems or they will work from scratch and develop a complete system based on your features. Because software is critical to your business success, you should have the best computer programmer available for your project - who will likely be in the freelance market.

The state of mind needed to recruit a developer

It is important to surround yourself, especially at the beginning of your activity: a bad profile can lead to the death of a company over a very short period of time.

First point: to recruit someone on a domain, it is essential to know a minimum. If you do not know anything about it, have an experienced developer assist you. Do not risk to do an approximate recruitment!

Second point: know how to gauge the amount of work. The most wonderful developer will not be able to do the work of 10 people. So, know how to estimate the durations in order to know how many developers will be needed and to which technical profiles to turn. Last but not least, good developers are like good providers / freelancers, they are always solicited. It is therefore necessary that your offer is attractive enough to give the developer want to work with you.

So, by hiring developers, they will present their ideas about how to execute your project and you can decide which one is right for your business.