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Magento Connect Manager

Before you start with Magento extension installation, attest that the Magento compiling is restricted. If you want the installation of Magento to be primary for your domain (i.e. running from http:/, the content of the installation package must be extracted from the public html folder. On the other hand, you need to extract the content to public html /store/ if you want it to be in a subfolder like http:/ / store/. You will extract it through your cPanel-> File Manager once you have finished uploading the kit. Creating and assigning a client to a MySQL account from cPanel-> MySQL databases. Remember the details of the database, as during the installation of the script you will need them. Go through the process of installing Magento.

  • To guarantee this, navigate to System → Tools → Compilations from the admin board of your Magento store.
  • Now navigate to System → Magento Connect Manager.
  • Then re-enter the administration login credentials:
  • Now, you must paste the key which you have got after buying your extension, and click Install button.


Next, enter the details of the database: the name of the database, the user name and the password of the user. You will leave intact the other options. Test the "Skip Base URL validation option before next move." Then press to continue with the Continue button. Lastly, enter your encryption key; Magento will use it to encrypt secret code, credit cards and other personal data.