Manage risks associated with third-party software

A project often depends on software produced by organizations that you do not control. Third-party software comes with great risks that should be recognized by everyone involved.

Never, ever, put any hope in vaporware. Vaporware is alleged software that has been promised, but is not yet available. It is the safest way to go bankrupt. It is unwise to simply be skeptical of a software company’s promise to release a certain product with a certain functionality by a certain date; it is much wiser to ignore it altogether and forget that you have heard it before. Never let it be written in documents used by your business.

While not all third-party software is illusion, it is still risky, but at least it is a risk that can be measured. If you are considering using third-party software, you should invest some energy in evaluating it early on. People may not like to hear that it will take two weeks or two months to assess the effectiveness of each of the three products, but it should be done as soon as possible. The cost of integration cannot be accurately estimated without a good assessment.

Understanding the suitability of existing third-party software for a particular purpose is very tribal knowledge. This is very subjective and usually the business of magento developers experts. You can save a lot of time if you can find these experts. Often times, a project depends so much on third-party software that if the integration fails, the project fails. Clearly express these risks by writing them in the program. Try to have a back-up plan, such as another system that can be used or the ability to write the functionality yourself if the risk cannot be eliminated sooner. Never let planning depend on illusions.

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