We provide a full range of custom Magento web development

With the new version magento 2, declined in ce version, enterprise, cloud edition, or magento who, the editor meets most needs of merchants and targets particularly platforms for high traffic, projects with international dimension or multi-boutiques. this magneto developer may be indispensable for your platform.

The Magento e-commerce solution

Solution adapted to merchants wishing to offer an online store. Magento is an Open Source e-Commerce solution in PHP5 that offers in addition to its flexibility, functional wealth suitable for merchants wishing to offer an online store including marketing tools necessary for the daily management of this one. Magento's modular architecture gives e-merchants back control and imposes no constraints on business processes or business flows. Magento is developed by Varien, a California-based company specializing in web development and consulting.

Magento is a robust, powerful and fully customizable solution to meet all the needs of an online business:

  • Manage perfectly the management of your product catalog and your sales

  • Create one or more stores with a single admin panel

  • Create a multilingual and multi-currency shop to insure your sales abroad

  • Ability to connect your store with your management software, compatibility and ERP

  • Ensure and automate the follow-up of your orders (shipping costs, shipments, tracking and tracking numbers parcels, after sales service, etc ...)

  • Monitor your sales reports (statistics, turnover, average baskets, etc ...)

  • Optimize your SEO

  • Progress with a robust, secure and quality system

To these needs may be added various options such as:

  • A mobile store, m-Commerce, for an improved mobile user experience

  • Create rules for promotions and incentives: up-selling, similar products, etc ...

  • Ensure your promotional campaigns (e-mailing, reminded of stopped orders, etc ...)

So, the solution is for companies that want an e-commerce that they can update regularly. It is indeed a flexible and functional solution that allows managing large product catalogs. Magento is now in the top of solutions: 26% of the best e-Commerce and web agency sites use Magento

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